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Jean FONTANILLE is a french guitar player from Bordeaux.  

Graduated from french music High school, he started working as a guitar teacher and rapidly became the director of a French music school. At the same time, he started working for the famous french guitar magazine "Guitare Xtreme" as a guitar pedagogue , and doing demos for many gear brands everywhere in France.

Precursor in the french online guitar teaching he was cofounder of the french online Music School BendNote. 

Jean always put live playing in the center of his life. For more than 25 years he has played on stage with famous french pop singers, as for his own music, cover bands, Masterclasses, Gears demonstrations, etc... turning him into a very experienced musician.


Jean has recorded 4 instrumental albums :

- Essentia (2000)

- Fantastic(s)3 (2005)

- Unknown Parameter Value (2009) ( Drums : Mike Terrana / Bass : Ivan Rougny )
-Imposture (2019) ( Drums : AUrelien Ouzoulias / Bass : Sebastien Tibackx / Keyboards : Stephan DeReine )



Jean uses exclusively Friedman "superstrat" Cali guitars :
22  fretts, humbuckers , floyd rose vibrato.  10/46 strings. 0.68 tortex pick.

Nothing more, nothing less !!! 

As a huge fan of modern British Brown Sound Jean is really proud to use the "Rolls Royce" of amplification : A Friedman BE100 head and 2x12 Friedman cabinet.


As he has a huge experience in playing on stage and recording studio, Jean uses Two Notes "Torpedo Live" for many years, giving him a really simple solution and amazing sound in every situation.

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